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European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations

feaco, the European Federation of Management Consultancies Associations, is a not-for-profit organisation. Established in 1960, the Federation counts 15 national member associations.

The general purpose of feaco is to assist in the promotion and development of the profession of Management Consultancy in Europe by providing support to its constituent National Association membership in those areas where a collective voice is stronger than the sum of its individual members. feaco's headquarters in Brussels makes the presence of feaco close to European politics and ensures a regular exchange with the relevant stakeholders.

feaco Members

feaco currently covers 14 European countries and represents over 3,500 firms of all sizes in Europe.

feaco EU Commissions

feaco is closely involved in following the activities that drive the European Institutions.

feaco Barometer

The feaco barometer is quarterly and factors in the actual data obtained from the feaco member countries.